Decoration Ideas with Color of the Year: Periwinkle

Pantone, which determines the trend colors of the year in production and decoration, has clarified color of the year: Periwinkle!

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Pantone, which determines the trend colors of the year in production and decoration, has clarified color of the year: Periwinkle! This color taht is between lavender and light blue, makes difference indoors. So, do you know how you can use this assertive and different color in home decoration? Answer is very simple and cheery!

Meet the Periwinkle!

First of all, it is necessary to get to know the color chosen by the pantone team, which consists of sociologists, psychologists and designers. Periwinkle, which contains hope and potential, represents the era we live in. There is a chance to search and find the periwinkle, which we usually encounter in the lavender flower, via the PANTONE 17-3938 code.

So, where will we come across Periwinkle?

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The Color of the Fairy Tale is on the Walls!

Periwinkle is the best options for people who want differentiate their walls. We can see this color mostly on the walls in 2022 because it is both easy to apply and a simple and effective method to differentiate interiors.

Periwinkle changes the style, size and spaciousness of the room when used with its rark or light variations. You can use this color, which has a strong potential, alone or you can match it with different colors.

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Periwinkle has a potantial to make the room appear larger when used in combination with light tones such as light yellow, cream and so on. Also, it has a different porantial to make the room look more organized and tidy, when used with dark colors such as burgundy, red and dark blue.

You can prefer to mix color such as periwinkle and red in workroom or living room to raise energy and increase creativity. Choosing a single tone in the bedroom will allow you to sleep more comfortably and feel peaceful.

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Paint Your Home Accessories

There is no better option than periwinkle to give your home a fairy tale feel. If you are undesirous of making big changes in your home, you can carry the color of 2022 to accessories. You can change the style of the house by painting an old bookcase or a table. You can both use the color of the year and make a small change in your home.

You can also find many accessories in the color of periwinkle due to the color of the year is chosen. These accessories include candle holders, lampshades and trinkets. Also, there is another option is candles!

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Color Time in Fabrics

There is another point where this color can be used except for accessories, bookcases and walls: Fabrics! Periwinkle blended with different patterns allows you to touch the interiors. Armchairs, curtains, bed linen and pillows seem to be very colorful this year.

You can also use periwinkle, which is an ideal color for those who want to create a friendly and peaceful environment, as a rug or tablecloth. There is the possibility of achieving a perfect harmony by matching the runner you will use at the table with your plates and glasses.

Do not forget to evaluate the color of the year with accessories, furniture or fabrics in your home!