IN PRAISE OF VARIETY Loredana Di Pascale

rubelli di varia natura 2021

The idea of naming the Rubelli 2021 collection “Di Varia Natura” found everyone in agreement right from the start, due to its ability to express the complex multifaceted variety of styles, colours, materials and fi nishes, all linked together by the same passion for beautiful and fi nely crafted goods, typical of Rubelli’s production.

 “Di Varia Natura” by Rubelli ranges from geometric to fi gurative patterns, from fanciful prints with splendid colours to the classic jacquard fabrics, that traditionally have embodied Rubelli’s style. From natural sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics to state-of-the art technical products aimed at top performances.

The Rubelli 2021 collection
The Rubelli 2021 collection

The Rubelli 2021 collection offers, with contemporary verve, resilient fabrics designed to furnish interiors and add value to terraces and winter gardens, spaces which we have enjoyed using so much during the last few months. Stain-resistant and washable fabrics made to withstand the daily enjoyment of children, guests and pets; and yet, able to decorate the home with style and personality, aspects we have focused on with particular attention during these times of home working.

An array of infi nite ideas and coordinated mixes for furnishing your home in the name of the joy of living and, why not, of the pleasure of sharing your “world” via the Web with colleagues, friends, and relatives. “Di Varia Natura” is, fi nally, a declaration of love for nature. A durable all-Italian-made collection produced in Como, manufactured with locally sourced supplies, that contributes to respect the world for future generations.

The Rubelli 2021 collection
The Rubelli 2021 collection

 A Milanese house from the early twentieth century, currently uninhabited, became the set – for the fi rst time – for our photo shoot. This run down home with a strong personality has provided the ideal spaces to bring these new fabrics to life.

Like in a story or, if you like, a short fi lm, the images show the different times of an entire day, from early morning to late evening, through lunch, working hours and teatime. The palette marks the various phases of the day with precision – delicate neutrals and rose-tinted shades at 7.00am, strong, decisive reds at 9.30am, burnt tones at 1.00pm, shades of green and yellow at 5.00pm and touches of light blue at 11.00pm.

The Rubelli 2021 collection
The Rubelli 2021 collection

 All this in an awe-inspiring narrative which we hope will draw you in. I would like to thank my colleagues, from the design studio to logistics, my splendid assistants and all the many fi rms who have contributed, with passion and generosity, to the success of this project. Last but not least, the fi nal part of the brochure includes an exclusive interview with our President, or the Avvocato as we all know him, who is celebrating 65 years at Rubelli. This is in addition to the latest capsule collection designed by Luca Nichetto and “Beyond”, a fabric that once more represents Rubelli’s unconditional love for art and for Venice.

07:00 AM

Wake Up!

Good morning! Daylight fl oods the room and the fabrics seem to come to life. The day can now begin. Breakfast too…

09:30 AM

At Work

Tempera and brushes await me. I seek inspiration for new creations and colour my days surrounded by objects and fabrics which demonstrate a skilful use of colour…

rubelli di varia natura 2021 09 30 8 1

01:00 PM


A quick yet elegant lunch. Like that of the idyllic scene from past times in Déjeuner sur l’herbe….

05:00 PM


Teatime and time out. In the softer light of the afternoon my exotic plants and my fabric “jungle” seem to interact with each other, whispering…

11:00 PM

Sweet Dreams

The day has come to an end and the enchanted atmosphere of a fairy tale in pastel shades leads me into dreamland… Good night!