Giorgio Armani’s Aesthetic Form Follows Function

Giorgio Armani form follows function

In Giorgio Armani’s aesthetic, modernism and exoticism are a constant reference point in a rarefied yet decisive lexicon, composed of subtle structures, exquisite finishes and a sense of weightlessness. Midnight fully captures these qualities, combining them with original technical solutions.

Giorgio Armani form follows function 4

Designed to be a “treasure chest”, this cocktail and wine bar cabinet encompasses the aesthetic characteristics of the Armani/Dada collection, combined with the utmost functionality, thus becoming a perfect central element of living space décor. Midnight is created to be built in different versions, including a mini-kitchen for an adaptable and versatile use.

Giorgio Armani form follows function 1

The clean, Japanese-inspired design of the bronze finish aluminium doors features vertical rod inserts in aniègre textured, and a satin aluminium finish in a champagne hue. It was designed to allow a glimpse into the inside and to be opened – through a patented mechanism – using a simple and natural movement. The open doors lie alongside the unit without occupying additional space.

Giorgio Armani form follows function 2

The star of the unit is the exquisite Rosa Portogallo marble countertop, to which specific accessories have been added for the preparation of cocktails (cutting board, perforated metal bar mat, ice bucket and a mini sink). In addition to a drawer for accessories, the countertop also includes a convenient discreet pop-up power socket. Underneath, there are two suspended customisable storage compartments – you can choose between a drawer with a wooden front, a drawer with an etched-glass front, or a wine refrigerator with independent temperature control, an etched glass door and internal lighting.

Giorgio Armani form follows function 3

The two spectacular optional abutments with LED lighting serve as a frame for the key element of the marble back, which features a wooden shelf with built-in LED lights and an anodised bronze finish aluminium wine glass holder. Finishing off the unit are two functional sliding wooden trays on the base, which can be accessorised with magnetic dividers to organise the space and keep bottles in order, while adapting to their various sizes.