Greenville interior designer Ashley Bagwell

Greenville interior designer Ashley Bagwell shares her French country farmhouse style - By Dixie Dulin

Greenville interior designer Ashley Bagwell

Interior designer, Ashley Bagwell of Farm to French enjoys designing spaces for families to love because she thinks that it evokes a sense of peace as they enter their home each day and joy as they create memories in spaces they love. “Design is more than pretty color, patterns, and textures. I think design transforms the way in which we live in our homes,” says Ashley. Ashley’s talent and overall mindset for design is a true gift to every client she helps.

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Ashley’s personal style is French Country Farmhouse. When she was designing her home, her Great Room was the area she knew her family would spend the majority of their time in. “I wanted this space to speak true to French Country elegance but to also have the casual, livable, and cozy feel of a farmhouse,” says Ashley. The great room has both their kitchen and living room in one space. “This is where we have family game nights, where we teach our children to cook, host family and friends, snuggle up and watch our favorite shows. This room is where we live and that is what makes it my favorite,” says Ashley.


1- Wide Open Spaces.

If you can, create a room that feels larger than it actually is. You can do this by oversized windows that allow more natural light, vaulted ceilings in your pace, painting a room in a lighter color, (I recommend a low sheen eggshell paint- they are wipeable) going with a lighter floor option, and not putting too much on your walls.

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2- Oversized Lighting.

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Lighting in the jewelry of your home! Oversized lighting is like wearing big diamond. Instead of doing more fixtures in a smaller size, chose less fixtures but large lighting. It keeps the space clean and draws the eye upwards without overwhelming it.

3- Stay true to your style.

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I think it hard when you love so many different styles and have so many ideas. But most will find if they can stay true to their style then sourcing and selecting items for their home will begin to make more sense. When your home begins to “speak the same language” something magical happens in that space and it foes from house to home.