Karim Rashid and Gantri – 3D-printed lamps

Karim Rashid and Gantri collaborate to debut the 'Kobble' collection of eclectic 3D-printed lamps By Sarang Sheth

karim rashid 3d printed lamps

It seemed only natural that Karim “Prince of Plastic” Rashid and Gantri would eventually team up to create a signature collection of 3D printed lighting solutions. The collaborative effort, dubbed Kobble, is a collection of lamps printed in Gantri‘s Plant Polymer (GPP) with Karim Rashid‘s signature ‘blobject’ design style.

karim rashid 3d printed lamps 1

Inspired by the soft form of cobblestones, the Kobble collection features a Floor, Table, Task, and Wall Light. Each lamp in the collection explores a different silhouette, drawing from the fact that various pebbles and cobblestones look like a part of the same family, but are visually unique in their own way.

The task light from the Kobble collection is easily the most memorable and distinctly Karim-esque of the lot, with an alien-blob aesthetic that gives it an immensely strong character when placed on a desk or table. Its purity of form comes from how seamless the design is (something that Gantri’s made massive leaps and bounds with) and the fact that the switch exists on the cord and not on the lamp itself.

karim rashid 3d printed lamps 4

The bubble appearance of the Wall and Table lamps are much more subtle yet still expressive with their voluminous forms. Designed to cast light further and wider than the task lamp, they also come with larger diffusers/shades, allowing that color split between the base and the translucent diffuser to be much more balanced.

Finally, the floor lamp exists as the largest in the collection, allowing your lamp to easily become a statement-piece in any living room or bedroom’s decor. It sports a neo-contemporary design that’s less blob-like compared to the rest of the collection, yet still captures the essence of Karim’s design style and brings it to Gantri’s vast collection of design-driven lighting pieces. While each piece within the collection can stand on its own, the Kobble lights work seamlessly as a group to create balanced lighting throughout the home. Complete with a museum-grade LED bulb, custom dimmer switch, and made with innovative plant-based materials, every light from the Kobble Collection was built in Gantri’s factory, redefining American-made design.

karim rashid 3d printed lamps 5