Maharaja Collection


Inspired by the bold and colourful palette of Indian summers, the Maharaja Collection offers a series of conversational print designs featuring hand painted elephants, statement trees and multi-tonal abstracts. Further capturing the theme, the collection incorporates cleverly disguised birds, henna-inspired florals, as well as textural embroideries for a painterly effect. Introduce a haven of colour to any space with an uplifting palette that emulates the blossoming nature and grand festivities of India.

maharaja 1


Offering a stylised take on the ever-popular tropical trend, the Monsoon Collection incorporates a vast range of designs, from richly hued printed velvets, playful leopards, and complementary jacquards for a textured finish. Dimension is created with statement leaf prints and metallic foil highlights, adding a captivating finish. The decadent tones of the collection anchor the theme and bring added luxe with rich greens, deep reds, and dark charcoals that allow for a confident and sophisticated maximalist look in any space.

maharaja 2


Evoking a calming home environment, the Craft Collection takes inspiration from natural textures through embroideries, weaves, jacquards, and sheers, incorporating warm-toned fabrics for a cohesive feel. Tactile three-dimensional elements are created with crewel work embroidery and a tufted polka dot, with semi-plain textures making for ideal layering within the home. Craft embraces softer hues of warm neutrals, fresh greens, and cool silvers, enhancing a balanced interior.

maharaja 3