nya nordiska – Collection Fragrance of the North

A fabric collection that appeals to all our senses comprises a variety of perfectly harmonising components – like a fragrance only fully unfolding through its interplay of top, heart and base notes.

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A fabric collection that appeals to all our senses comprises a variety of perfectly harmonising components – like a fragrance only fully unfolding through its interplay of top, heart and base notes. This was the image guiding us in the development of the nya nordiska collection 2021. Our path of associations here led us to the clarity of Nordic nature that offers all the elements of this fascinating interplay.

Serving as inspiration for our textile top note are delicate clematis blossoms, soft moss inspires the tactile-centred heart note while heather sets the tone for the interlinking base note. The result is a balanced textile composition comprising familiar and new elements, look and touch, natural authenticity and innate exclusivity. Inspired by the fragrance of the North.

Tender clematis blossoms find their textile counterparts in Alva FR’s soft-hued transparency and the curved filigree lines of Marlene CS, subtly complemented by Chelsea shimmering like dew drops. Fleecy soft moss serves as nature’s template for exciting textures with a woolly touch as embodied by tactile delights such as bouclé Charlie or the organic patterns of Rune, that appeal to both the eye and fingertips.

Firmly rooted in the earth, heather determines the scenery without pushing to the fore – just like those natural basics Jonte, Jona and Scarlet, proving with their informal tabby weave and elegant satin just how multi-faceted linen is.

Our closeness to nature, however, goes beyond merely viewing it as a source of inspiration. The Scandinavian approach to protecting our environment and resources determines all of our daily business – from fabrics made from recycled materials and green electricity to halving our paper consumption over the past two years. These are just some of the many ways we consciously put the environment front and centre – so we can also enjoy the inspiration of nature in the days to come.


A textile phoenix. The finely textured, easy-care plain-coloured Marla CS is composed of 50% Trevira CS yarn made from recycled PET bottles. The properties and quality of this fabric are identical to those obtained through production with normal polyester. The energy required and environmental burden generated by the manufacturing process, however, are considerably lower.

Made up as a curtain and roman blind this double-width fabric in five modern tones brings transparent lightness to interiors qualifying for both residential and contract assignments with its certified flameretardancy. So Marla CS combines versatile applications with smart resource-saving production.


A sustainable gem. Marlene CS captivates us with gently shimmering embroidery in Trevira CS yarn in the form of curved lines that appear as if sketched by hand. The base fabric is Uni Marla CS produced with Trevira CS yarn obtained from recycled PET bottles.

The modern combo of “Art to Use” and crafts-manship makes Marlene CS a typical nya nordiska design. Either tone-on-tone or featuring multi-coloured embroidery on a silvery grey or white background, this soft drapery fabric, which is fit for contract applications, perfectly blends in with contemporary architecture – both on its own or in combination with Marla CS.


Woven air. This is as sheer as it gets in textile window drapes. The single-coloured gauze Alva FR fuses feather-weight transparency with ingeniously iridescent colour schemes. Different colour combinations in warp and weft shimmer in a plethora of nuances when hit by light while a carefully selected scale of non-colours and discreet pastel shades make for modern elegance.

This double-width fabric with an organza feel combines a visual “breath of nothing” with a pleasantly dimmed incidence of light in residential and contract interiors.


Deco-dot-com. With sophisticated looks, a striking touch and modern drape Chelsea “joins the dots” in design terms – in the truest sense of the word. After all, the digitally printed pattern features large dots in pastel shades floating over a white background.

With the sheerness of watercolours, these appear like larger-than-life droplets making Chelsea the drapery fabric counterpart to the transparent double-width Piccadilly option. The fibre mix combines a dry touch with discreet lustre giving this fabric its relaxed casual look.


Dual benefit. Double-face fabric Rune lends itself to both double-face and universal applications. Its small-format all-over pattern exudes a natural surface texture with 3D properties thanks to a finely nuanced colour scheme. The pattern features in either soft noncolours or strong tones on a natural-coloured background.

Thanks to its fibre mix with a high wool admixture this fabric is irresistible to the touch and despite its cosy feel it also convincingly delivers as cushion cover or upholstery fabric thanks to its 60,000 Martindale rubs.


Textile Midsummer Night’s Dream. With the look of chenille this gorgeously soft upholstery fabric extends the nya nordiska outdoor collection to include an attractive companion for summer days and nights in the open air. Its novel material composition does away with the stiffness so typical of outdoor fabrics thereby making Palermo a cosy all-rounder for both in- and outdoor use.

This is also helped by the modern colour selection ranging from soft sand and stone nuances to vital sun and aqua shades. Perfect for your very personal favourite place – be it indoors or out.


Go ahead and touch! Anyone taking up this invitation is doomed to be addicted to Charlie. The elegant wool bouclé is a tribute to the senses, in fabric form. It suits modern interiors just as well as elegant furniture classics combining appealing touch and cosiness with rugged wear properties.

Boasting a modern colour range comprising eight high-profile solid tones this abrasion-resistant drapery and upholstery fabric is the bouclé It-Piece for interiors.


Satin Lover. For years, the sophisticated furnishing fabric Scarlet has conquered its users’ hearts and interiors. In 2021 it will see a “colour-facelift” by means of seven new shades giving the colour range an air of contemporary elegance.

It now includes 16 finely nuanced shades ranging from off-white and sand & stone to discreet green and powder pink hues. This double-width satin stands for modern opulence and can be used as a double face: one naturally dull fabric face characterised by the linen admixture, and one with fine lustre typical of satin.


It’s linen time. Nobody can escape the natural charms of this light-weight, plain drapery fabric with its irregular surface look. The pure pre-washed linen combines semi-transparency with a soft touch and casual look.

Colours range from non-colours and pastel shades to statement tones and are all charac-terised by the two-tone warp and weft look so typical of the material. Be it as a curtain or roman blind, Jonte perfectly complements nya nordiska’s linen portfolio in terms of colour, transparency and texture.


Favourite stripes. Jona provides soft furnishing delights “en bloc”. Serving as the striped counterpart for Uni Jonte, this popular classic among patterns brings a fresh, 12 cm wide block stripe into textile play.

The epitome of nya nordiska’s core competence, Jona combines natural fibres with Scandinavian clarity and stripes – and all of this in 16 powder tones and an informal look perfectly tuned to suit Jonte. These properties allow this versatile furnishing fabric to conquer interiors anywhere from country mansions to urban lofts. This linen fabric comes pre-washed and can be processed right away.


Taffeta with team spirit. With its 330 cm fabric width the yarn dyed plain fabric made of 100% polyester opens up unlimited decoration opportunities in every aspect. 25 colours in softly broken nuances and the silk-type look with its dry taffeta gloss lend wings to imagination and harmonise perfectly with current living room materials.

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Easy-care, easy to make up and with a soft drape Plana is an indispensable basic – be it single-coloured, in a combination of various plain tones or in a finely tuned interplay with the stripes of Minas and Bonto.


Sleek trend scout. This stripe sets contemporary standards. Sporting two centimetres wide coloured lines alternating with white or as trendy colour combinations Minas stages its graphic clarity in a modern way.

Like Uni Plana it is washable, easy-care and floor-to-ceiling and therefore suitable for versatile making up for textile furnishings. In 18 colour combinations Minas sets fresh accents, on demand also in a finely tuned combination with Plana.