TRINACRIA, the new ARDECORA collection

The passion and presence of Sicily – contemporary, exquisite, and beautiful to the touch – that is TRINACRIA, the new ARDECORA collection.


TRINACRIA – Sicily’s ancient moniker is now also the enchanting title of a collection that is dedicated to the Mediterranean island’s bygone history.

In particular the south-east, surrounding the cities of Noto, Ragusa and Modica, with its baroque culture, architecture, and design, as well as its mystical ocean light, along the salt roads of the Marsala region, shape the identity of the new ARDECORA designs.

Sculptural facades, wrought iron balconies and impressive plazas, rich in ornamentation, charm, and dramatic beauty, were the perfect inspiration for a collection brimming with handcraftsmanship, intense materiality and sensory textures, encapsulating today’s zeitgeist.

As if straight out of a picture book, VILLA PALAGONIA takes us on a jaunt through a picturesque Sicilian still life. The poetic, expansive design, printed on a silk warp with cotton weft, showcases artfully stylized hand-painted pilea, fauna, and architecture of genuine palazzi.

The elegant silk velour of PALAZZO GANGI beguiles in 14 con-temporary colorways. Its special luster provides every room with a shining play of light and shadow, exuding the creative aura of Sicilian baroque. Digitally printed and finished with hand-painted brushstrokes, DONNAFUGATA displays an arabesque motive on stylishly natural linen from Italy in a modern interpretation.

Soft and warming, in a mélange of prized alpaca and high-quality New Zealand wool, the so-phisticated natural fiber ERICE is a genuine haptic experience, available in three organic colorways.